THEM CROOKED VULTURES – “Them Crooked Vultures”

A super album by a super group leaves us super happy

When you are 1/3 Led Zeppelin, 1/3 Nirvana and 1/3 Queens of the Stone Age, fan and media attention, a record deal and the following huge record sales come on their own without you trying too hard.

Well, coming up with music that is good doesn’t hurt too and that is the case with Them Crooked Vultures. Their self-titled creation is one of the few albums by similar super projects that live up to the super expectations coming from names such as John Paul Jones, Dave Grohl and Josh Homme.

The comparisons with their previous work are inevitable. And in this band’s case, due to Homme’s trademark high-pitched voice and all out there lyrics, and the fact that we have Grohl behind drums, Queens of the Stone Age and “Songs for the Deaf” come to mind the most. And this is a good thing because in case you don’t remember – that album kicked ass! And then Paul Johnes adds a bit of sensitivity to the preexisting chemistry.

Most of the best things in the album, just as in its opening track “No One Loves Me & Neither Do I”, come after the middle. Yeah, it starts a little bit shyly but before you start thinking “but, do they really?” some Zeppelin-ish stomping riffs come and crush you. Well, after the first 2-3 tracks and the first single “New Fang” that are somewhat more normal sounding, comes the real treat of “Elephants”, “Scumbag Blues”, “Bandoliers” and “Reptiles”, that are an adequate modern reading of the likes of Led Zeppelin, Cream and what not. Rock! Yes, your dad might like this but it isn’t a bad thing either.

Even though the album sometimes sounds like a overproduced recording of a jam session, this actually doesn’t drag it back but helps it sound more spontaneous instead. In a way – look, it’s the legends playing together. Releases like Them Crooked Vultures' debut bring back the faith that there are still good big bands who fill arenas with fans that worship them and to whom every note is like a new testament for our lod rock hungry ears.

Verdict: 5.25 / 6

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