ALICE IN CHAINS - "Black Gives Way to Blue"

Awesome album, yet somewhat stumbled by Staley’s absence

“All Secrets Known” is the slow, dragging beginning that carries your conscience to an all new frequency as Jerry Cantrell’s vocals sound over the awesome opening riff. There is no way you could remain indifferent to this song.


SETTLE THE SCORE: Fashion trends ruin hardcore

I get around talking to Settle the Score’s vocalist and guitarist in between the other bands playing at their second Sofia show. Bud and Andre have nothing against talking about their impressions from the Bulgarian scene, how different it is from the German one, and of course – what the hell do they eat.


DYING FETUS – “Descend into Depravity”

The death metal leaders show no mercy once again

For the 18 years they have been together Dying Fetus really made a name as one of the leaders in their style even though their real popularity rather recently. A new album by one of the world’s best modern death metal bands could not be put aside for later.


MEGADETH - "Endgame"

Mustaine releases his best album since “Rust in Peace”

For a man who has a whole Wikipedia page dedicated with his feuds with half the metal world all the praise Mustaine voices for Megadeth’s new guitarist Chris Broderick in every interview, seems a little awkward.


SKINLAB - “The Scars Between Us”

Californian groove metallers make convincing a comeback

It would be an exaggeration to say that this is a long awaited reunion but after the few years dedicated to Re:Ignition, Steev Esquivel and Snake decided to reform Skinlab. And with “The Scars Between Us” they have all the chances to become every Machine Head fan’s second favorite band again.



New Yorkers bring back “metal” and “core” in “metalcore”

There were times when the word “metalcore” didn’t stand for a bunch of skinny kids with emo haircuts whose appearance makes even the otherwise cool Iron Maiden and In Flames rip-off riffs sound bad. Luckily, Merauder still live in these times.