DYING FETUS – “Descend into Depravity”

The death metal leaders show no mercy once again

For the 18 years they have been together Dying Fetus really made a name as one of the leaders in their style even though their real popularity rather recently. A new album by one of the world’s best modern death metal bands could not be put aside for later. No matter how weird I feel writing for that band while my girlfriend is 9 months pregnant.

The first song “Your Treachery Will Die With You” kicks in without hesitation and gives tone to the carnage that doesn’t stop until the end of the album. It is only the musical “tools” that change – from blast beats, crushing double bass drums, killer heavy riffs, technical solos, tempo changes, incredibly low growling vocals… pretty much everything you can expect from technical death metal appears ot one point or another throughout the songs.

Dying Fetus have never been among the bands who follow conventional song structures, but their songs are once again well arranged. It is kind of hard to name songs that stand out but in this case this is more of a sign of consistency. Still, the bass intro of “At What Expense” and the killer riff in the beginning of “Ethos of Coercion” definitely deserve a mention.

The lyrics, as is expected from such a band, are for reading mostly, but in “Descend into Depravity” they are at a very high level. Guitarist/vocalist John Gallagher has been staying away from gore thematic for a while now and the man has some really good social commentaries up his sleeve. This time around the main topic is depravity and the violence people are willing to inflict on their fellow men (see the cover).

The clear production helps the album sound a clear as possible and makes people want to play it again and again. If there are any complaints it is that there isn’t any of a leap in the overall sound from “War on Attrition” (which wasn’t all that different from its predecessors as well). But it is not like anyone expects something else from Dying Fetus. When it works, don’t change it.

Verdict: 5 / 6

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