CUT OFF – “Demo 2009”

Band releases demo for free download, saves stores from long lines

I wasn’t truly enthusiastic to write a review of a demo recording in the beginning, but Cut Off convinced me by saying that the release of the actual album is put off far enough in the future so this article wouldn’t seem stupid. And the demo itself is put for free download by the band themselves so – help yourself.

If you are from Bulgaria and you follow events in the hardcore scene, you need no introduction to Cut Off. The pride of Blagoevgrad’s scene has been playing frequently at clubs and at every big summer or winter hardcore festival in Bulgaria for years now. After a few lineup changes, the last of which is new guitarist Kalo (ex-Inxile) thanks to whom or not the band sounds even tighter live now, they release their first official demo at last.

Cut Off display some quite thuggish hardcore ala 25 Ta Life in songs like opener “Fight or Suffer” or the faster “Yesterday”. Pretty much the whole thing is in that vein but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t enough variation between songs, like “Taste of Blood” and its almost death metal intro for example. The tracks clock in around the two minute mark, usually before that, and the band manages to present its ideas tightly within the given time without dragging things.

The demo has been recorded during May in President Studio during a rehearsal of the band while the separate tracks were then mixed and mastered buy someone else elsewhere. The result is actually quite decent and the recording is listenable so the person who worked on it has nothing to be ashamed of and no reason to hide (we all know who he is anyway).

This release will prove useful for all frequent concert goers who want to be familiar with the band’s songs. We all know people mosh 33% more when they know the songs. The demo also shows Cut Off’s potential and labels and promoters alike should be weary of what this band is about. Have fun downloading and listening!

Verdict: I’ll place one on the album when it is out ;)

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