Everyone and their dog has a blog nowadays. I was trying to help myself until now…

It is just that a few months ago Slayer released a new song and there I was – in the middle of the office where I work, realizing there isn’t a single person around I can talk to about this. And Slayer excite me far more than all the kinds of political, criminal and what not total bullshit news that everyone around is so invested in (I work a t a big daily newspaper in Bulgaria).

So, here you will find exclusive interviews with bands and album reviews (the latter sadly being the more frequent posts at least for now). I will update this once every working day of the week. I do not have the goal of posting news here – you can find the copied and pasted press releases on thousands of other sites.

The blog’s name is Stefan Topuzov’s Music Vault because its idea is basically to be the place for things I personally find interesting and bands that I like. The other key word is “music” that is there instead of metal, hardcore, punk or whatever for a reason.

Have fun reading now!

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