REDOUND: 6 years ago there weren’t any big-mouthed know-it-alls in the scene

The first official video by Envy… oops… Redound is about to come out any moment now. The shooting at a playground in Sofia’s zh.k Belite Brezi went smoothly despite one of the first Autumn rains that fell on the city that day. For this interview though, only drummer Alex appears and is good enough to give quick and straight to the point answers to my (thankfully more than usual) questions.

- You played in Athens’ club named Sin City (there is a pop-folk club by the same name in Sofia – the author). Were there rednecks, proudly tearing napkins with dollar bill images on them (something Bulgaria’s “high class” tends to do in the abovementioned club)?
- Ha-ha, no. This is actually the new name of the long-existing cult club Texas Necropolis. It would have been cool to have people with napkins, though!

- But seriously, how did it go? Where is it better to play – in Greece or at home?
- It was good. We were there with our friends form Melekh and it was a lot of fun! And this is the time to thank the Greek band Eden Demise for their invitation and the whole organization. The people in Greece are mainly static during shows and mostly shake their heads, while at home it is pure madness!!!

- The album came out in the end of May which makes it like half a year until now. How do you feel about it when you listen to it now?
- We’re kind of fed up with listening to it which is normal, taking into consideration the times we have listened to and played these songs. But on the other hand – quality-wise we think it is a decent production when it is up to recording and playing.

- The title – “Upon You” – why did you pick it?
- "Redound" means to return, to have an effect or consequence upon something… “Redound upon you” means effect on you or everyone.

- It is being released by Poland’s Spook records in Europe. How did you get in touch with those guys? Besides releasing the album what else do they do for you?
- In 2007 we released a split CD with Crawling Ground (from France) and Bloodstained (from Poland). Each of the bands released the CD in its own country by itself and in Poland it was released by Spook Records. And after that the label contacted us and proposed to help out with the album. The other thing they can do for us is organize a tour in Western Europe, but there is time for that.

Alex plays some drums in his time free from answering questions.

- What other bands that they release are worth checking out?
- There are many cool bands like 1125, Blood By Dayz, Bloodstained, Crime Lab, Danny Diablo, Down To Concrete, MTG... there’s plenty of them.

- What about a future Redound European tour?
- We would really like for something like that to happen through the label, but there haven’t been any concrete talks about it so far.

- The video for “Sam srehtu vsichki” (“Alone against Everyone”) should premiere any day now, as far as I know. Tell me how did the shooting go?
- It went really good and we thank all the people who came and helped make it. There is also a storyline to the video but it is a surprise we don’t want to give away.

- OK. A lot of time has passed since you changed your name from Envy to Redound, but still – why? Because of all the Japanese and what not bands with the same name or what?
- Well, we changed our name mainly because of the Japanese that we weren’t aware of, and in order to prevent mix ups, but also we wanted to refresh the band.

- How many people still call you Envy?
- It is mostly friends of ours.

- You’re probably the first hardcore band in Bulgaria that relies mostly on slow musical moments, and now pretty much everyone wants to play that style. How does it feel to be one of the leaders in the scene?
- We are no leaders. Everyone does what they feel like. But there a lot of people who talk shit about this style of hardcore music, saying everywhere it’s poser crap and it’s just a trend. And the exact same people cannot name even three beatdown bands if their lives depended on it. It’s pathetic.

- it has been six years since the band exists. What is the thing the was present in the scene back in 2003 but is no more that you miss the most?
- Well, back then, I think, there were none of the people with the big mouths that are competent on all issues yet. Now at the moment people look at others judging them by where they are from, what they wear and if they own a New Era. People should put things like looks aside and concentrate on the music itself. I’d like to thank everyone who support us and come to our shows, helping create insane fun!!!

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