RAISED FIST – “Veil of Ignorance”

Scandinavian band shows a different face of fast hardcore

We all know where the cradle and the Mecca of hardcore music are and this has definitely left its mark on the sound of most bands. Well, Raised Fist also inevitably reveal where their father land is with their sound only that in this case we’re talking about… Sweden.

Every note of their new album “Veil of Ignorance” radiates a typically Swedish sound. No matter if it is the unconditional way vocalist Alexander "Alle" Hagman spits out the lyrics, or the quite fast but also melodic riffs. There is no compromise with speed, energy, aggression or the message, though.

“Friends and Traitors” opens the album without hesitation that Raised Fist haven’t moved a step back from the sound of the quite good “Sound of the Republic” (2006). “They Can't Keep Us Down” carries on things in a similar manner while here the dudes deliver their hones opinion on the hardcore scene: „We just want to play drums, bass and guitar. No make-up, nothing bizarre, vocals but no stories from a far“.

The first milder song is “Wounds”. You can notice that the melodies this time are more complex and less catchy than in the previous album. They tend to get stuck after a few listens, though, making the effect even stronger. Just hear “My Last Day”. There are also some really furious fast songs like “Afraid” and the probably most metal one – “Never Negotiate”, which would fit in the context of In Flames’ newer stuff. The album actually has a somewhat cyclic structure – a fast song, a faster song, a melodic one, repeat.

The guitar sound also smells like Sweden, being somewhat electronic and synthetic. The producer responsible for the album is Daniel Bergstrand, who has previously worked with Meshuggah and In Flames. This, combined with Hagman’s vocals (and if you have heard them before and think he sounds like a bag of cats, this album probably won’t change your mind), make Raised Fist’s sound quite a unique one from most hardcore bands. Which instantly puts “Veil of Ignorance” among the things that are at least worth checking out.

Verdict: 4.75 / 6

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